Teacher to donate kidney to 8-year-old child

By Brandon Lee Julian,
Another hero's story

Good and inspiring news are echoing across Mansfield, Ohio as a teacher has volunteered to donate one of her kidneys to a child in desperate need.

8-year-old Nicole Miller was born with a genetic disorder known as branchiootorenal syndrome which causes hearing loss and malformations of the ear, neck and kidney. Doctors had told Nicole’s parents Brian and Letitia that the malformed kidney would not function normally as she grows older.

"Her latest labs show that many aspects of the delicate balance of the body are beginning to spiral out of control," the doctor wrote, according to The Huffington Post. "Her blood pressure is extremely high for an eight-year-old despite her medicine being increased up to the maximum levels permitted. She continues to struggle in school because focus is extremely difficult for her."

Wendy Killian is a kindergarten teacher at Mansfield Christian School who knows little Nicole very well, and after going through 18 volunteers, she became a match for the kidney transplant and has opted to undergo the procedure during a parent-teacher conference.

“She would always come in with such a smile,” said Killian in a statement, according to the Mansfield News Journal. “She was just this bright light in the classroom […] For me to be able to step in and ease off that burden off of another parent who was sitting bedside of their critically ill child, that I could be the one to step forward.”

They hope to execute the procedure as soon as possible. The recovery time for both Nicole and Killian is approximately six weeks. The procedure shouldn’t induce any major complications as stated by Mary Saubert, an Indianapolis nurse. They hope to do the procedure as soon as possible.

“It’s amazing that somebody who is not part of your family would make such a sacrifice,” Brian Miller in a moment of reflection. “It’s really humbling.”



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