Teenage girl used as a human shield, total of 3 stabbed in PA. Target store

By Catherine Silver,

A Tennessee teenage girl was stabbed and used as a human shield in a Pittsburgh Target store.

According to WTAE Pittsburgh, police confirmed that homeless man Leon Raymond Walls entered the East Liberty Target store wielding a knife after engaging in a fight nearby. Walls, 41, grabbed the victim from the checkout line and used her as a human shield.

When Walls initially entered the store, he headed towards the restrooms, but was followed by two men. He then grabbed the victim from the checkout line and used her as a human shield.

An eyewitness recounted the event stating, “I went back up the top of the steps, and he had this girl by the top of her hair. He just kept screaming, 'I'll stab her again.' He kept stabbing her. Me and like four or five other guys, they ran and tackled him. He cut the one guy's lip almost off. The other guy's finger was, like, hanging off."

A total of 3 people were stabbed at the scene. Fox News reports that one of the men will need facial surgery and the other had a hand injury.

The 16-year-old teenage girl was identified as Allison Meadows. Meadows was in town during her spring break and usually attends the Silverdale Baptist Academy of Chattanooga, Tenn.

The school announced via Facebook that Meadows is under medical care and is expected to recover from her collapsed lung, wounded arm, and other injuries. “After hearing the actual details of the attack, only God could have saved her life. Our job now should be to pray for the Meadows family and Allison, show our love and support, and be there for them should they need us. Praise God that this little girl was being watched over and she will be back home soon,” the post said.

Meadows reached out on Twitter Monday night to update people on her condition. According to WTAE Pittsburgh she tweeted, “Hey y’all. This is actually Allison... thank you all so much for your prayers! I will try to get back with you all as soon as I can. ? Y’all!”



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