Thomas Perez expected to be Obama’s new labor secretary

By Alexi Knock,

Assistant US attorney general for civil rights Thomas Perez is expected to be President Barack Obama’s nomination choice as the next labor secretary.

Perez is a first-generation Dominican American who has long worked on civil rights cases under Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. He previously served as labor secretary for Maryland governor Martin O’Malley and was then chosen for his position in the Department of Justice.

According to the Boston Globe, he was also the first Latino member of the Montgomery County Council in Maryland.

White House officials have not commented on the nomination, but two administrators involved in the decision have confirmed. Perez would be replacing Hilda Solis as labor secretary and would be the answer to requests from Latino groups for a more diverse cabinet.

According to the Associated Press, former secretary Solis will be running for a seat on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

Last year, Perez was involved in a decision to block Texas from a law that required voters to show their photo ID.



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