Top 10 Adam Sandler movies

By Kristin Ambrosino,

Adam Sandler is one of the comedians who makes acting look very easy. He never ceases to amaze us in any movie he stars in. There are few comedic actors who have been at the top of the box office for as long as he has been, and his work should definitely be appreciated because there has never been a movie with him in it that doesn't make viewers laugh until their cheeks hurt.


Take a look at Adam Sandler's top 10 movies!

10. 50 First Dates - The second movie between Sandler and Drew Barrymore after The Wedding Singer. In this movie, Sandler makes a sad plot very entertaining when he turns the bad moments for Lucy, who has lost her memory, into good ones.

9. I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry - The fact that we get to see Sandler attempt to play a homosexual character in this movie makes it that much better. You will not stop laughing from beginning to end while seeing Sandler try his best to put on a homosexual act. He also gets to touch some hot Jessica Biel features while pretending to be gay. Sure Sandler wasn't complaining.

8. Billy Madison - Billy Madison is pretty much Adam Sandler playing one of his characters turned to the high notch. His childish ways and funny baby voices made him shine. But again, what makes Billy Madison so fun to watch is that he is so funny.

7. Happy Gilmore - Happy Gilmore was the follow-up to Billy Madison for Adam Sandler. The supporting cast in this film are as funny as Happy Gilmore himself. Happy Gilmore (Sandler) gets to put on his amateurish antics.

6. The Longest Yard - The Longest Yard could be the most popular Adam Sandler movie ever made. Guess viewers really liked Sandler as an NFL star!

5. You Don't Mess with the Zohan - In this movie, Sandler is a well-reknowned Jewish actor, playing a Mossad agent and presents the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Sandler is a hit from start to finish and you will really get to see some Jewish sides of Sandler in this film.

4. Funny People - What separates Funny People from most of Sandler’s other films, is that the funny moments make the heart-warming drama moments. The movie is about living with regrets and whether as individuals we can change to prevent further mistakes in our lives. Sandler makes a heart-felt movie quite entertaining.

3. Wedding Singer - The fact that Sandler gets to play a character from back in the '80s makes his jokes even better. The chemistry of Sandler and Barrymore is both sweet, hilarious, and makes the crowd want the movie to never end.

2. Waterboy - The Waterboy is classic Sandler. From start to finish, you're laughing. The character that he has portrayed throughout this film has never been as perfectly executed as Bobby Boucher – The Waterboy. Sandler has created a memorable and original character that is both hysterical, but also sympathetic as well.

1. Big Daddy - The movie that never leaves our mind when we think of Adam Sandler. This movie is particularly hilarious due to the fact that we get to see Sandler try to be a father figure when he least expects it and it is quite entertaining to see him take care of "Frankenstein."



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