Top 10 Best Wedding Proposals

By Daniela Duron,

It's National Proposal Day, so what better day to take a look at some of the best wedding proposals ever caught on video? Guys, take notes!

10. Nothing else can turn a boring day at school around like your boyfriend surprising you in the middle of class to propose - complete with a song just for you.

9. This proposal definitely takes the prize of most creative and different way to propose to someone.

8. This guy uses One Direction’s “One Thing” and hundreds of people help him make his proposal extra special. This is one walk in the park the girl won’t soon forget!

7. This proposal takes memes to another level. The blunt but extremely sweet messages plus the song “A Thousand Years” make this proposal the perfect combination of funny and sweet.

6. Although guys usually have to drag girls to action movies, we’re sure this trailer for an action movie – that was actually a proposal - is one that the girl definitely enjoyed.

5. Nothing says 'I love you' quite like getting a whole park and a marching band to help you propose to someone. The girl’s reaction of half-crying, half-laughing makes it even better.

4. The girl’s reaction when the flash mob starts is good, her reaction when her boyfriend joins in is better, and when she figures out it’s her proposal is the best. The song "Marry You" and the fact that they’re in Downtown Disney also add an extra magic factor to the proposal.

3. You just can’t help but smile throughout this entire video. From the friends and family who help them, to the costumes and dancing, to the girl’s reaction as she's watching it all - it all makes for an awesome proposal.

2. Guys should take notes from this guy, as he planned this out perfectly and made a mini-movie for his girlfriend because he told her on their second date that they would “make the movies jealous.”

1. As if proposing in front of everyone at Disneyland isn’t enough, the proposal then turns into a musical that seems straight out of a Disney movie. ‘And they lived happily ever…’ fits perfectly with these two.



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