The Top 10 Biggest Kardashian Family TMI Moments on TV

By Kristin Ambrosino,

The Kardashians have become known for their quirky, weird selves, but sometimes things should just be kept in the family. Here are the top 10 most revealing, TMI, moments from Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This family is crazy, but we all know we enjoy every second of it.

10. Bruce fixing his botched plastic surgery job - It is clear that everyone was concerned with Bruce's botched face. So he agreed to have a pro fix him up on national TV. It was a little too much blood for my own liking.

9. Kim proving her big butt is real - There have been online rumors that Kim's butt was fake since she got a lot of junk in the truck, but no worries, they compared the feel of Kourtney's fake silicon boobs to prove their point.

8. Kourtney helps out delivering her own baby - While the doctors were delivering her baby, Kourtney sat up during labor and reached down to give them "a hand."

7. Kendall goes on birth control - All the talk about getting Kendall on birth control because she has horrible cramps. I'm sure she's not so happy everyone in America saw this.

6. Rob accidentally taking Bruce's Viagra - When Kris slipped some viagra into Bruce's coffee to spice up their sex life, Rob ended up drinking the coffee. Let's just say Rob spent the day at the hospital.

5. Kourtney giving Khloe a bikini wax - Nothing like an at-home Brazilian wax. She oddly does a fantastic job.

4. Kim complimenting Khloe on her lady parts during laser hair removal - Kim caught a little look at Khloe's "lady parts" during their laser hair removal session and told Khloe, "You have a better looking vagina than I thought!" Talk about being open with each other.

3. Talk about Scott Disick's penis size - Kris accidentally saw Scott naked and then tried to tell Kim just how big he was. Talk about TMI from a MOM!

2. Lamar's fetish - Lamar and Khloe want to pee on each other. Strange and very unsanitary.

1. Kris Jenner's peeing problem - Kris Jenner peeing in her pants? Obviously her children are very supportive towards her. What a weird family.

image: NBCUniversal



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