Top 10 memorable moments on '90210'

By Alyssa DeSocio,

After five seasons, 90210 has come to the end of its run, with the series finale playing in May. Between the love triangles and special guest performances, fans will be sad it is over. So when you are missing your favorite zip code after the series finale, just remember these top ten moments were the reason you stayed a fan for so long.

10. Ethan kisses Silver and tells her he has feelings for her. He wants all or nothing. After hoping for these two to get together all season, Ethan leaves the show and lets us all down.

9. Dixon tells Navid he is coming back for Adrianna, but is too late as a truck crashes into his car.

8. Musical guests on 90210 are always great to see. They definitely had a solid list, so it is hard to chose which one stands out the most. When the musical acts were worked into the plot of the episode, the writers had struck gold.

7. Aside from the musical performances, the special appearances by other actors and actresses are also a plus. This scene especially, because it is the original cast members Kelly and Brenda.

6. Annie gets shot helping Liam and Vanessa get away. Why is it whenever Annie tries to do good, it somehow backfires?

5. Liam and Annie have sex after declaring their love for each other. This relationship has been on a rollercoaster ride since season one. I guess we will have to see in May if fate is on their side.

4. Silver is bipolar. She has had her ups and downs throughout the seasons, but somehow always finds her way through.

3. Teddy tells Silver he is gay. This was the most shocking scene because all season long, no one expected it.

2. Silver learns about the cancer gene she may have. With the help of Liam, she is able to trust in someone and reveal her fears.

1. Ivy learns from Dixon that Raj is dying, so she goes to see him in the hospital. This scene was so emotional, it’s hard not to cry.



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