Top 10 Most Memorable 'Walking Dead' Deaths

By Matthew Dagen,
R.I.P. Then for some, R.I.P again

Death is inevitable in the zombie apocalypse. You have to know at some point, you or someone you love is going to bite it (pun intended). In a world like that, there's no way to deal with it but to move on. For the characters on The Walking Dead, no one is safe. Ever since the first season, this show has been killing off main characters like nobody's business. For every character on the show, death is always right around the corner, usually in the form of a flesh eating zombie. In memoriam of the most recent major death (R.I.P. Merle), let's take a look back at some of the more memorable deaths featured on the show involving some of the main characters:

10. Jacqui/Jenner

While this death isn't exactly shown on screen, there's no doubt that it happened. While at the CDC in Atlanta, Dr. Jenner locks the group inside and prepares for the building to self-destruct, killing all that are inside, for good. Rick isn't exactly a fan of this idea and leads the group out of the CDC just before it explodes. The much talked about "What did he say to Rick?" scene occurred here in the CDC just before it went, leaving Rick with the knowledge that everyone is infected with the virus that turns people into walkers.

9. Otis

Poor Otis. All he wanted to do was help. Had Otis gone to the school with anyone but Shane, he probably would have still been alive. As the two of them were making their escape, Shane shot Otis in the leg to slow him down and then he left Otis there as walker bait so he could get away. The killing of Otis certainly led to Shane's dark side coming out, and while it was a shame to see the big guy go, he did shoot Carl, so I guess he did have it coming.

8. Amy

Amy was the first member of the group to get bit and turn. Her death provided the catalyst that drove Andrea to be the way she is now: hardened and cold. Andrea didn't take this death well, probably stemming from the fact that she had to shoot her own sister in the head. Amy's death was the first to show that no one is safe.

7. Lori

Admittedly, I am not a big Lori fan. I always thought she was a little on the annoying side and was holding the group back from being awesome. That being said, the scene in the boiler room when she gives birth and ultimately dies is one of the most heart wrenching scenes ever on this show. Now, if only she wold stop appearing to Rick so he could get his mind right...

6. Tomas

Early in the third season, Rick and the group come across the prison that is now their home. When they get inside, they explore the prison to try and find food and supplies. While on the run, after Hershel gets bit and amputated, Rick's group comes across a group of prisoners that were left behind. The prisoners' leader, Tomas, doesn't take kindly to someone invading his turf. He makes attempts to kill Rick, but then soon learns that that wasn't a very good idea.

5. T-Dog

A fan-favorite character, T-Dog bit the dust during Andrew's attempt to retake the prison. He was bit on the shoulder while trying to shut a fence, then during his last remaining moments, he made sure he took as many walkers with him as possible. Knowing he didn't have much time, he sacrificed his body so Carol could make it to safety. Even on his way out, always the gentleman.

4. Merle

Merle was never really a likable character, but that's what made him so great. The fans loved to hate him, and definitely didn't want to see such a great character killed off. So, what did the writers do? Of course, they killed Merle. But, before they did, they made him more likable than any other of the main group members. His sacrifice for the prison group felt genuine, as did the emotion Daryl emitted when he saw his zombified brother eating one of the Governor's men.

3. Shane

Shane's death came as no surprise to anyone who had read the comics. In fact, in the comics, Shane died before the group even left Atlanta for the farm. In the show, Shane pushed Rick just a little bit too far with his advances toward Lori, and when he confronted Rick about it, Shane probably didn't think Rick would have it in him to stab his best friend to death. Shane then comes back as a walker, and Carl's transformation to badass begins.

2. Dale

Dale was the glue that kept the whole group together. He always had a say in what went on, and usually pushed for the non-violent solutions. When the group decided to go against Dale's words of wisdom in regards to what to do with Randall, he took a stroll to regain his composure. Unfortunately, his stomach was torn open by a walker and was then shot in the head by Daryl to end his suffering.

1. Sophia

Much of the first half of Season two was spent on the search for Sophia. She was separated from the group when a herd came through the highway. After the first episode, most people assumed she was dead, eaten or became a walker. Halfway through Season two, Shane had had enough of Hershel's lies and busted open his barn that was full of walkers. After the bloodbath, a pair of small feet stagger out of the barn. Feet that belong to Sophia. Rick does the only thing he thinks is right: pulls his gun out and shoots Walker Sophia in the head.



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