Top 10 Open Questions at the Midpoint of 'Breaking Bad' Season 5

By Ida Brittany Newkirk,

With Breaking Bad’s new season rapidly approaching, the show's buzz is heating up. What better way to add to the excitement than to point out key questions that are probably on all of our minds. Just as an added bonus, a season 5 midpoint finale recap can be viewed below. It’s sure to please so enjoy!

10. Marie’s Shirt
In the midpoint finale of Breaking Bad, it’s easy to see that Marie is wearing a yellow shirt. Interesting thing about her color choice is that throughout the season she is always in purple. Hmm…what exactly does this color switcheroo mean? My initial thought was that Hank told Marie if she wanted to come to the BBQ she HAD to find a different color shirt, any color, and her hand landed on something yellow but after thinking for a minute, I do believe that Vince Gilligan chose that color for a reason. Think about it. Both Walt and Jesse wear yellow when they are making meth, it’s one of the colors of the fumigation tent, and it was a color that permeated Gus’s wardrobe. Coincidence maybe…I think not. Marie very well may be the nail that sinks Walter’s ship.

9. Leaves of Grass
The biggest question at the midpoint finale is why did Walter leave the Leaves of Grass novel sitting on his toilet? This is a man who claims to have tied up all lose ends and is even spotted dumping all incriminating evidence in the first episode, so is it safe to say he “forgot” the book? Doubtful. On the one hand, it could be a simple mistake but it also could be intentional. Throughout this season, we have seen Walter White change. Even though he’s told Skylar he wants out, it’s safe to say he didn’t change into the old Walter overnight. I’m pretty sure Walter wants to go out with everyone knowing he is Heisenberg, especially now that he is no longer quote, unquote, selling anymore.

8. Will there be redemption for Walter?
Walter stated several seasons ago that his whole motive for breaking bad was to amass $737,000 to take care of his family after he passed. Let’s face it, his choice to cook and distribute crystal meth was bad but we can all agree his intentions were good. Over the course of four and a half seasons, Walter went from putting his family first to putting them last. It didn’t hit him until Skylar showed him the pile of money in the storage facility (not sure if that was his real motivation to quit) that Walter realized having a ton of money and no way of spending, wasn’t worth more than his family. He told Skylar that he was out and even said over and over again, a few episodes prior, that “in the end you will be proud of me.” Hopefully, his big move out will give Skylar the hope she needs to get things back to normal.

7. How will the vial of ricin come into play?
Let’s not forget that dangerous substance that Walter, instead of disposing, tucked safely behind his electrical socket. That substance was nearly used to take out Lydia in the diner, before she gave Walter the idea to distribute overseas, and was thought to have poisoned Brock. If Walter was really done with his old ways, why did he keep it? All signs point to the fact that the ricin is going to be used in the upcoming season but on who? Early odds are on Hank or Jesse. This is Heisenberg we are talking about after all.

6. What’s going to happen with Jesse’s gun?
Often referred to as "Chekhov’s gun," in Jesse’s final scene he slid the gun across the room after Walter left his house. It’s clear that Jesse was contemplating using it but the real question is why? Yes, Walter turned into a crazy power hungry meth dealer and yes he has done some questionable things, but he’s always had Jesse’s best interest at heart right? Hmm…doesn’t matter what we think, Jesse thought differently. It’s been noted on several blog posts and articles that Vince Gilligan pays close attention to detail. If that’s the case, Jesse’s gun is sure to appear in the second half of this season but who will be its victim? My fingers are crossed it’s not Holly. For some reason everyone thinks she’s going to die.

5. What is Todd doing these days?
Todd pops into the meth scene out of nowhere and disappears just as quickly. His big claim to meth fame is becoming Walter’s right hand after Jesse deserts him. What is interesting is that we were given no indication how he felt about Walter retiring, if it affected him in any way or if he planned to keep making meth without Walter (fingers crossed he isn’t. We all know he can’t cook). At this point in time there are four people that can do Walter in. Todd happens to be one of them so it would make sense to keep him close. Wonder if he is holding down the fort during Walter’s hiatus.

4. What is Jesse’s role in the final season?
A few episodes before the midpoint finale, Jesse made it clear to Walter that he was out of the business. Not only that but he broke up with Andrea and left Brock in the dust. Now that Jesse is jobless and alone, with two duffle bags full of money and a loaded gun, he has plenty of free time on his hands. Though Walter is the main focus of the show, Jesse is an extremely dynamic character whose moral compass guides the way. The real question is how does he fit into the second half of the season? Will he turn on Walt as Hank pursues "Heisenberg"? It’s obvious that within Jesse there is a tug of war between right and wrong plus he is terrified of Walter. Or maybe he will sacrifice himself to take out Walter? He could be the hero we were all waiting for!

3. Is Walter’s cancer back?
This is the BIG question. It’s not made 100% clear if the cancer is back, I believe that was Vince Gilligan’s plan, but all signs point to yes. In the final moments of the midpoint finale, Walter is seen leaving after having an MRI. He walks into the bathroom and notices the paper towel holder he punched several seasons ago, after getting the news that he had cancer, and rubs it. I’m pretty sure he is reliving the terrible news all over again. Knowing that his life is rapidly coming to an end, he may in fact be honest when he tells Skylar that he is out of the meth business for good. On another hand, Walter’s cancer may not be back and during the moment in the bathroom he may be reliving the feeling of hopelessness. Cancer at this moment would be an easy out for Walter, so it would be great to see him sweat a bit.

2. Will Declan be the new west coast drug lord?
As we all remember from the episode "Say My Name," Walter refuses to give up his share of the meth and cuts a deal with Declan to sell his “superior” product through his distribution network. Now that Walter is officially out, where does that leave Declan? I’m sure someone in his distribution network knows how to recreate the blue meth. I mean, it didn’t take long for Victor to recreate it, though he ended up dying in the process. One main fact to note is that just because Walter is done doesn’t mean the demand for meth has decreased. Someone has to take over. All signs point to Declan taking over as the new drug kingpin. He has no other competition, a foothold in the purest meth out there and connections. I just hope he doesn’t turn out to be like Tuco.

1. What are the Whites going to do with all that money?
This question definitely deserves the number one spot. The money that Skylar showed Walt in the storage unit is well over the $737,000 he needed to leave his family. Skylar told Walt it was too much to launder through their car wash let alone 100 car washes, so what are they going to do with it all? The safest bet for them is to keep what they need and torch the rest. It is paper after all plus Walter is no stranger to flames. For gosh sakes, he had no problem torching his son's car when Skylar forced him to get rid of it. It should be easy for him. Also it would be smart to get rid of any evidence that could incriminate him now that Hank is sure to be hot on his trail. Or, better yet, the Schraders and Whites can ask Saul to transfer the money into an offshore account and the reunited family can run far, far away. At this point, it’s all up in the air.



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