Top 10 Pink Songs

By Dominique M. Carson,
Counting Down some of Pink's Biggest Hits

Singer and songwriter, Pink aka Alecia Beth Moore is known to be a rebel in pop music but she has stayed true to herself for the past thirteen years in the music industry. She has sold 50 million records, received 3 Grammys, two Brit awards, five MTV Video Music Awards, and 18 Top 20 hits. Many Pink fans respect her because of her loyalty, realness, and of course her singing abilities. Pink showed the world her artistic talents in 2000 with her debut album, Can't Take Me Home. Her first album was considered to be R&B music because her voice was so soulful on the album. She had three top ten singles on the album, "There You Go," "Most Girls," and "You Make Me Sick."

However, Pink put her creativity to the test when she decided to broaden her horizons musically because she just didn't want to be another overnight pop sensation. In other words, Pink chose another musical genre that would recognize her songwriting skills. She also wanted full control of her music from that point. So she released her second album Missundastood in 2001 which sold 10 million copies. The album is her greatest album to date in terms of record sales. These days, Pink continues to be an articulate voice in music and she has integrated several musical genres in her songs: rhythm and blues, pop, and rock. And TheCelebrityCafe.com would like to recognize top 10 Pink songs of all time. Okay here we go!



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