Top 10 Questions for ‘The Amazing Race’-March 10, 2013

By Glenda Staten,

Do you enjoy the competition on The Amazing Race ? After I watch the show, I like to discuss some of the decisions the teams make. Please share your thoughts with us after you watch the clips below.

Clip #1 In this clip, Jessica and John discuss how they will mentally process their elimination. They were eliminated before they used their express pass. If they would have used the express pass at the right time, it is possible that they would not have been eliminated from the race. I think they should have used the express pass. I also think that Jessica could have been a little more vocal about the situation. Jessica stated that they should use the express pass when they were having trouble completing a task.

1. If Jessica and John planned more strategically, do you think they would have avoided elimination?

2. Do you think arrogance played a part in John’s decision to keep the pass instead of using it?

3. Do you think that Jessica could have been more vocal about using the express pass instead of going along with John’s decision?

4. Would you have made the decision to keep the express pass instead of using it?

5. Jessica and John agreed to give the express pass to the team who finished second from the first flight, but later they were not sure if they wanted to honor that agreement. Do you think this decision played a role in Jessica and John’s fate? Some people call in karma.

Clip # 2

In this clip, one team is lost, Jennifer is consoling Caroline while she cries because she cannot figure out the answer to the clue. Mona and Beth are on their way to a task, and Beth feels that there should not be any crying on the Amazing Race. Sometimes crying is simply a release and I think it is okay in Caroline’s case.

6. Do you think it is okay to cry on Amazing Race?

7. Caroline is frustrated because she cannot find the correct clue. Can you relate to Caroline's frustration?

8. Did Jennifer do everything she could to help Caroline?

9. What do you think about Beth’s “no crying” comments?

10. Do you think Caroline was crying because she was simply overwhelmed or purposely reliving stress?

image credit: CBS



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