Top 10 Questions for ‘The Amazing Race’—March 3, 2013

By Glenda Staten,

Do you enjoy the competition on The Amazing Race? When I watch the show, I always try to figure out what will happen next. Please share your thoughts with us after you watch the clips below.

Clip #1
In this clip, Chuck and Wynona go fishing and Wynona catches the first fish. I think Chuck and Wynona are doing well in the race. I like the way Wynona approaches her tasks, but I thought Chuck would catch the first fish. I think I could eventually catch a fish if I had to complete this task.

1. How do you think Chuck and Wynona are doing in the race so far?

2. Who did you think would catch the first fish?

3. Are you surprised that Wynona is willing to complete any ask when she needs to?

4. Do you think you would catch a fish if you had to do this task?

Clip # 2

In this clip, the teams are completing a roadblock challenge that requires them to go through an obstacle course and place twelve eggs in a basket before they get their next clue. I think it’s important to have a good attitude when completing tasks. I am happy that Jennifer has a good attitude regarding the task, and I like Chuck’s attitude so far.

5. John started the course first and he seems to be enjoying it. Do you think it’s important for the teams to have a positive attitude when they are working on their tasks?

6. Chuck seems to be right at home with this task. Do you like Chuck’s attitude so far?

7. Jennifer is hanging in there on this task even though it’s not her favorite thing to do. Are you pleasantly surprised by her attitude?

8. All of the candidates seem to be having a good time. Do you think you would enjoy this task if you did it?

Clip# 3
In this clip, John has the car in second gear during a challenge even though he clearly needs to change it. I am actually surprised that John is having issues driving the car, but I always enjoy his sense of humor.

9. Are you surprised that John is having issues driving the car?

10. Do you like John’s sense of humor during the tasks?

image credit: CBS



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