Top 10 Questions for ‘Revenge’—March 10, 2013

By Glenda Staten,

Do you like to figure out what will happen next on Revenge? I do it all the time. Here are the top 10 questions for Revenge, March 10, 2013. Do you think you can figure out what will happen next? Watch the clips and share your thoughts with us. As always, have fun!

Clip #1
In this clip, Emily speaks at Amanda’s funeral. I still can’t believe Amanda is gone. Emily really loved Amanda, and I could feel her sincerity when she eulogized Amanda. I think Jack will have a very hard time getting over Amanda’s death because he thinks she is his childhood sweetheart. I didn’t have any idea how many people would attend Amanda’s funeral, but the people whom she loved were there and that is all that matters.

1. Did you feel her sincerity when she talked about Amanda at the funeral?

2. Will Jack ever get over losing Amanda?

3 Did you expect more people to attend Amanda’s funeral?

4. Do you think Charlotte will become friendlier with Emily since Amanda is gone?

5. Will Jack focus his anger on Conrad because he thinks Conrad caused Amanda’s death?

Clip # 2
In this clip, Jack confronts Emily about her secret past with Amanda. I was surprised that Jack confronted Emily. I understand Jack’s anger, and even though I want to believe that Jack is extremely angry because he lost his wife, I wonder how much of the anger is coming from the fact that Emily, his friend, lied to him.

6. Did you expect Jack to confront Emily about her past relationship with Amanda?

7. Do you think Jack was angrier at Emily than he could have been because she is his friend?

8. Do you think Jack will eventually forgive Emily for lying to him about her past?

9. Will Jack confront Emily about her secret past again?

10. Will Emily reveal her true identity to Jack?

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