The Top 10 Reasons to Love Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge

By Katie Nunwick,
Why we love Kate Middleton

When the engagement of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge was announced to the world, Kate Middleton changed from ‘waity Katie’ to Duchess of Cambridge practically overnight. The skeptical public awaited in anticipation for the middle-class Berkshire girl to show the world how she would fit her new royal role. She didn’t disappoint and here are the top ten reasons why.

image: INFDaily

10. Her smile. It is quite remarkable that despite the millions of photographs taken of her since her engagement, she is smiling in every single one. If Princess Diana was the people’s Princess, Kate Middleton should be the Princess of smiles.

9. Her family values. Her obvious loyalty to her family is to be admired and is clearly something her and William hope to replicate in their family life.

8. Her roots. She is the British royal family’s first middle-class Princess thanks to her mother’s working class roots. Her parents are self-made millionaires which ultimately catapulted Kate from Bradfield Southend, to Buckingham Palace.

7. Her education. Presuming Kate and William live happily ever after, she will break history records becoming the first Queen Consort to have a university degree.

6. Her charity support. Kate chose charities ranging from children’s charity The Art Room to Action on Addiction who support families who have suffered through drug, alcohol or gambling addiction.

5. Her beauty. Let’s face it, we all want to look at a beautiful Princess and Kate’s sculptured cheekbones and pearly white teeth fulfil this role wonderfully.

4. Her hair. Kate’s rich auburn, glossy hair deserves a mention of its own. If only we could bottle its recipe and we could all have lovely thick tresses of our own.

3. Her style. Ever since Kate stepped out to the worlds media in her navy blue Issa dress, she has not put a fashion-foot wrong. Consistently voted number one in the styles stakes, millions of women worldwide rush to emulate her style.

2. Her baby bump. Who doesn’t feel warm and happy at the sight of her royal baby bump? The news of a baby heir has lifted the spirits of the world.

1. Her love for William. Despite being together for over a decade, every single photo of Kate looking at William depicts the tell-tale sign of love and adoration. Their warm gazes and loving embraces are adorable and Kate clearly loves her Prince.



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