Top 10 reminded classic movies/TV series from “Drop Dead Diva”

By Cindery Liang,

With the high volume of fans’ voices, the TV series “Drop Dead Diva” has released Season 4 and just announced the possible return of Season 5.

For those of you who hasn’t watched the show, it is about a 24-year-old model who died in a car accident and came back to earth as the smart lawyer Jane Bingum (Brooke Elliott) who died on the same day.

With the soul of young and out-going Deb Dobkins (Brooke D’Orsay), Jane became a whole new person. With the relationship between her and Grayson Kent (Jackson Hurst) and the love between her guardian angel Fred (Ben Feldman) and her best friend Stacy Barrett (April Bowlby); “Drop Dead Diva” showed us that true love does conquer it all, hopefully.

According to a fan comment on mylifetime.com, “Brooke Elliott has this remarkable ability to make” people “laugh and cry in a five-minute period”. While all the talented casts brought all the laughter, “Drop Dead Diva” has also reminded us a great number of classical movies/TV series.

After Parker’s son’s teacher was put on trial for making money out of a home-made porn, Parker had to face the innocent question from his son: “What is porn?” It is possibly one of the hardest questions all parents have to face someday. Check out Season 4 and see how lawyer Parker answered this question.

10. Bridesmaids (2011)

9. Erin Brockovich with Julia Roberts (2000)

Stacy believed that she would be a perfect fit if they were to remake “Erin Brockovich”. With a face like that and natural acting skills, I personally think April Bowlby would be a perfect fit for any role.

8. On the Waterfront

Fred played by Ben Feldman has been such a sweetheart in “Drop Dead Diva”. His love for Stacy has been one of the biggest reasons that kept me hanging on to this show. When he came home seeing Stacy crying on the coach; he got so nervous and worried right away. This officially makes him an ideal boyfriend candidate in my book.

7. Star Wars

Do I really need to say more about this timeless classic? In the episode when Kim Kaswell’s father got into trouble. She finally watched this classical movie and confessed her feeling for Parker in this episode.

6. “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” with Kevin James (2009)

“Don’t judge. It’s a really good movie.” I totally agree with Jane when she defended this movie in front of Judge Summers.

5. “Four weddings and a funeral” with Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell (1994)

Judge Summers (Rosie O’Donnell) may not have been a very important character in the show, she has always made the show sparkle whenever she shows up. She totally had me reviewed this classical movie in 1994.

4. “Sleepless in Seattle” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan (1993)

This is one of the movies that inspired Fred creative techniques to go after Stacy in Season 1.

3. “You’ve Got Mail” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan (1998)

This is also one of the movies that inspired Fred’s love actions.

2. “An officer and a gentleman” with Taylor Hackford (1982)

One of the greatest movies mentioned in the show, as an angle Fred has really watched enough “human movies” for such a short time.

1. “Say something” with John Cusack and Lone Skye (1989)

This has always been one of my favorite movies. It has always reminded me of my innocent times in the past and puppy love. After it’s mentioned by Fred in “Drop Dead Diva”, the memory of juicebox was refreshed one more time.




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