Top 10 Smooth and Sexy Celebrity Men

By Samantha Townsend,
We countdown the top 10 smoothest and sexiest bald celebrity men

It's no secret that the ladies love smooth and sexy men. From Bruce Willis to Michael Jordan to Tyrese Gibson, we have been blessed with some major eye-candy of bald, sexy men. Just because, why not, let's take a look at the top 10 sexiest bald men.

10. LL Cool J
Ladies Love Cool James: it's all in the name. The New York rapper-turned-actor has been heating up our radios and TV sets for almost three decades now. Although LL Cool J is rarely seen without a hat on, we still love his shiny top, and have placed him as the number ten smoothest and sexiest celebrity men.

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9. Andre Agassi
The great tennis player Andre Aggasi may have once rocked a flowing mullet wig to his 1990 French Open tournament, but thankfully he ditched that and now he stuns the ladies with his sexy and smooth baldhead. Andre made our list as the number nine smoothest and sexiest celebrity man.

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8. Chris Daughtry
Chris Daughtry caught the eyes of millions when he debuted on American Idol in 2006. While the media speculates that Daughtry doesn't experience natural hair loss, and actually shaves his growing hair, we're just happy that the Grammy-nominated singer decides to keep his head smooth and sexy. Rocker Chris Daughtry makes our list as the number eight smoothest and sexiest celebrity man.

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7. Michael Jordan
Not only is Michael Jordan considered in the list of the greatest basketball players of all time, he also makes our list as the number seven smoothest and sexiest celebrity man. Michael Jordan has been wooing the ladies for years now, not only with his talents, but his good looks and style too. With a shiny bald top like his, how could we not include Michael in our list!

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6. Taye Diggs
Private Practice actor Taye Diggs has been attracting the women with his beautiful smile and hairless head for years now. Even though Taye came into the acting world with hair on his head, he has only gotten hotter as the hair went away. As Taye ages, he maintains a hairless top, but switches it up with different facial hairstyles. In our eyes, Taye can do no harm with that smile and baldhead, which is why he lands the number six spot as the smoothest and sexiest celebrity man.

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5. Nigel Barker
Photographer Nigel Barker started to gain the attention from women when he debuted on America's Next Top Model in 2004 as a judge on the show. While Nigel rocks short fuzz on the top of his head, we couldn't leave him out of this list, simply because of his sexy accent. Even though Nigel is no longer a judge on ANTM, Nigel has left an outstanding impression in our minds and his earned a spot as the number five smoothest and sexiest celebrity man.

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4. Tyrese Gibson
Tyrese Gibson, known as Tyrese, started his career as a fashion model and progressed into singing and acting. Since he started his career as a model, it is no wonder that Tyrese makes women across the world blush with his beautiful smile and smooth, baldhead. Tyrese embraces his baldness with confidence, which is why Tyrese deserves the number four spot of the smoothest and sexiest celebrity man.

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3. Bruce Willis
Acting legend Bruce Willis has brought sex appeal to the big screen since the 1980's and ever since, women just can't get enough of Bruce Willis. With age, Bruce has started to lose hair on the top of his head, but lucky for Bruce, he keeps getting hotter and hotter as the hairs decrease. Now as a full baldy, Bruce Willis is not only one of the highest paid actors of all time, he makes our list as the third smoothest and sexiest celebrity man.

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2. Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel, the macho man who has starred in several action movies including Fast & Furious, once had a full head of hair and resembled rapper Drake. Thankfully, the hair is gone and Vin Diesel is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood. He sports a smooth and bald head now, and we're thankful he does because he easily earns the second smoothest and sexiest celebrity man.

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1. Jason Statham
Jason Statham, 45-year-old English actor and producer, is most famous to the movie-lovers for his roles in The Italian Job, Crank, and The Transporter. However, he's popular among the ladies for his good looks and English accent. With the combination of his shiny, bald top, and a movie-star badass face, it is without a doubt that Jason deserves the number one spot for the smoothest and sexiest celebrity man. We could bet that his Victoria's Secret model girlfriend, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, can also agree the Jason Statham is the sexiest bald celebrity man!

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There's our list for the sexiest celebrity bald men. Do you agree? Did we leave someone out? Comment below and let us know!



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