Top 10 'Walking Dead' Episodes

By Glen Medoro,
The 10 best episodes of 'The Walking Dead.' Heads up, Walkers are zombies.

Want to watch one of the most critically-acclaimed TV Shows of all-time, but don't have the time for hour long episodes? Here are the 10 essential episodes you need to see.

10. "Vatos"- "Vatos" is the first episode we experience members of Rick Grimes' group getting attacked and bit by Walkers. It was essential to the show to let viewers know that main characters will die throughout the series.

9. "Clear"- The most recent episode of The Walking Dead, "Clear" is a beautifully directed episode. The only humans in it are Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, Michonne, Morgan, and a random hitchhiker. A type of episode at this time of the season was great because it seems as if Rick was cured from his craziness and Michonne officially got accepted into the group by Rick. It featured many thrilling scenes, probably the most by Lennie James, the English actor who plays Morgan on the show.

8. "Pretty Much Dead Already"- This was the finale of Part 1 of Season 2. Earlier in the season Carol lost her daughter, Sophia, after a walker hoard attacked the highway they were on. Rick and the group spent almost all season searching for Sophia throughout the woods of Georgia. In this episode there is a crazy twist at the end after Shane discovers Herschel Greene and his family are keeping Walkers in the barn at their farm.

7. "Better Angels"- A major character death shocked fans in this episode. The scene in which that happened is some of the best acting I have seen in a long time. The last 10 minutes of "Better Angels" will absolutely leave your mouth open wide craving for more Walking Dead.

6. "Beside the Dying Fire"- The episode after #7, "Beside the Dying Fire" is the final episode of Season 2. It was a mind-blowing feature highlighted by some deaths and an exodus of the group from Herschel's farm.

5. "Made to Suffer"- The Season 3 midseason finale, "Made to Suffer" featured the first time Rick invades the new town we know as "Woodbury." It does not feature our beloved Rick meeting face to face with the Governor, but it does leave a huge cliffhanger at the end of the episode. A must-see.

4. "Walk with Me"- "Walk with Me" was the first episode of the series to not have Rick Grimes in it. It was solely based off of Andrea and Michonne discovering a town in Georgia called "Woodbury." They are introduced to the head of the town, known as the Governor, by Daryl's brother Merle. This episode makes you realize "Woodbury" and Rick's group will soon collide.

3. "Killer within"- This episode was the last for 2 main characters. It was extremely suspenseful as someone from within made the Prison's sound system go off (The Prison is Rick's group's home so far for Season 3), which the walkers heard and were attracted to. This was probably the saddest episode of the series, but also essential in developing characters.

2. "Home"- In "Home" the Governor retaliates for Rick entering his town in "Made to Suffer." The Prison is getting attacked by the Governor and some of his men when an unexpected guest drops by to help. Trust me, the last 10 minutes of this episode will absolutely get your adrenaline rushing.

1. "Days Gone Bye"- This is the pilot to The Walking Dead. It features Rick Grimes waking up from a coma to an abandoned hospital. He leaves the hospital and roams around for a bit until a man and his son stumble upon him. They take him until Rick decides to leave to try to find his wife Laurie and son Carl.



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