Top 10 'The Walking Dead' walking without its lead

By Matthew Dagen,
No, Rick isn't always a problem

This week's episode of The Walking Dead, "Prey," focused on the residents of Woodbury, highlighting the doings of the Governor, Andrea, Milton, and newcomers Tyreese, Sasha, Alan, and Ben. The prison group was largely non-existent, save the scene with Rick atop the guard tower almost seeing Andrea just before the Governor took her down.

While the narration of the show is filtered through Rick, "Prey" decided to branch out, much like the episode that introduced Woodbury, "Walk With Me." Both worked out very well, despite not featuring the character we've been following since day one.

As evidenced with the scene in the abandoned warehouse with the Governor stalking Andrea, ending with Andrea unleashing a barrage of walkers, some of The Walking Dead's best moments come when Rick is nowhere to be found.

To prove it, here are some examples:

10. Michonne's Introduction

9. Michonne Solves Woodbury's Secret Walker Problem

8. Andrea's Return to Form

7. The Governor Stalks Andrea (Behind the Scenes Video)

6. Daryl Brings New Meaning to Vehicular Manslaughter

5. Daryl Shows His Human Side, Merle Confirms He's a Racist

4. Lori's Death Scene

3. T-Dog Sacrifices Himself to Save Carol

2. Michonne vs. The Governor

1. And for sheer awesomeness, the well walker



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