Top 15 Life Changing Moments of Gilmore Girls

By Ashley Houk,

Gilmore Girls brought mothers and daughters together for seven seasons with hopes of the perfect relationship. But, a lot of other things happened—outside of the mother-daughter relationship. Built of a cast of excellent actors creating realistic, compelling, and complex relationships Gilmore Girls will always be close to my heart, even though it’s been off the air for nearly five years. In those seven seasons, tons of things happened to all the citizens of Stars Hollow and surrounding areas. Here are a little more than just a few of some of the most memorable moments.

15. Jackson proposes to Sookie. After suggesting he move in, Sookie doesn't really answer and when she finally agrees, Jackson says he doesn't want to move in!

14. Rory goes on the Obama campaign trail. First grown-up job a real reporter.

13. Lorelai graduates from college. Rory isn't there to play buffer between her mom and Emily because she went to NY to see Jess.

12. Christopher leaves Lorelai at Sookie's wedding. And ruins what we all thought was meant to be.
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11. Rory drops out of college. Moves in with the grandparents. Joins DAR. AND stops talking to Lorelai.

10. Rory loses her virginity, to married Dean. There relationship gets even more muddled and causes tension with Lorelai.

9. Rory doesn't go to Harvard. After years of work Rory abandons the Harvard dream for Yale after a visit, and surprise interview, to the campus with Richard.

8. Richard has a heart attack. Emily demands to die first and Lorelai realizes just how much he means to her.

7. Lane and Zack find out they're pregnant, with twins. Mrs. Kim tries to help by moving in.

6. Luke finds out he has a daughter, who is super smart and tricks him into a paternity test via science project.

5. Christopher takes Lorelai to Paris, proposes, and they elope.

4. Richard and Emily separate. The only relationship that was constant seems doomed when Emily starts dating.

3. Rory denies Logan's proposal. He offers her the world, pretty much, and she can't give him an answer.

2. Lorelai and Sookie open the Dragonfly after learning that the Independence Inn is closing.

1. Lorelai and Luke end up together. We all saw this day coming, it sure took them long enough to get there! The banter, flirtations, and strange tension between these two...ugh.



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