Top 5 Things to Watch for in the Final Season of Breaking Bad

By Ida Brittany Newkirk,

The countdown begins until the second half of Breaking Bad season 5 hits AMC. Until then, let’s keep the excitement going by speculating on what’s to come. Last season left us with a significant amount of cliffhangers, kudos to the writers, so the second half can fall either way. Take a peek at an inside look at on the set footage of the final eight episodes.

So here’s what we can gather.

5. Redemption vs. Revenge
This could go either way. Either Walter really plans to change, i.e. get out of the drug business, or he realizes it’s too late to change, for whatever reason, and wants to settle the score. I’m hoping for the latter. What would be more exciting than a shootout between him and the head drug lord since his departure? Or better yet, he’s switched sides and is now working with the DEA. A lot of Breaking Bad fans flooded the web stating that Walter White was actually an informant while in the diner…a bit of a stretch. Not sure if Walter redeems himself and teams up with the DEA or if, after having lost everything, he goes wild killing everyone he deems responsible for his loss, but this season is sure to bring the heat. Can’t wait to find out!

4. More Deaths
This coming season is sure to bring plenty more deaths. It’s hard to keep up with all the individuals who died at the hands of Gus, Jesse and Walter, but this season is most likely going to keep the body count rolling. It’s also noted that in the opening scene of the season, Walter disappeared with the help of Saul. If you remember, he flashes a fake ID and has a different license plate. That raises the question of who came with him. It’s doubtful that he was able to bring everyone he loved, if he did in fact disappear. Anyone affiliated with Walter that was left behind could be in danger. Also, if Walter decided to go back to the meth business, people are sure to die. I mean, good things rarely come from selling meth.

3. Saul is Back
I think the heading says it all. The shady scumbag of an attorney who split at the first sign of danger has returned. In the video, you get a first look at Jesse and Saul having a discussion in his office. Wonder what brought him back to Albuquerque after he cashed in and split out. Also, I wonder who is going to be his right-hand man and assistant. They surely split as well. On top of that, what new kind of drama is he going to bring to the show? Is this foreshadowing Jesse and Walt’s return to the meth scene? You wouldn’t need a dirty lawyer unless you plan on getting your hands a little dirty.

2. The Confrontation
There is no doubt that Hank and Walter are going to have a talk about "Heisenberg." The question is, when is it going to occur, how will the topic be broached and what’s going to come of it. Some think Hank is going to turn Walter in and others think Hank won’t. In all honesty, both theories could swing either way. Hopefully, this talk doesn’t shake up the already half-broken Schrader-White family. I doubt Walt Jr. will be able to handle the news. He thinks his dad is an all American hero for some reason.

1. Walter’s Cancer
What is the only reason to get Walter to consider exiting the meth business? It sure wasn’t his wife’s infidelity, the fact that his family relocated to his bother-in-law’s house, or the thought that his only daughter could grow up without a father. During those times, Walter felt invincible. Instead of being an individual who was unable to live up to his full potential, he was now at the top of the drug scene utilizing his knowledge of chemistry. Now what would be the only logical explanation for his abrupt departure? My best guess is that, after the last MRI scan, he found out that the cancer is back and he only has a few short moments to spend with the family, he’s spent years taking for granted.



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