Top five fantasy series that should be adapted into a TV show or movie franchise

By Ricky Riley,

There are so many books being made into TV shows or movies. Here are few that need a little bit more attention:

5. John Carter of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Even though there was a movie produced by Disney, these books can still be adapted into an animated series that works. John Carter was a decent film that did not do well in theaters. People just did not get the strange space opera. With eleven books in the series, there is plenty material for a 2-D animated show for DisneyXD.

4. The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon
When a WWII nurse named Claire Beauchamp Randall finds a group of circling stones in the Scottish highlands, she is transported back in time to 1743. She finds her husband’s ancestor Jack Randall. He turns out to be a bisexual pervert that holds her captive. She escapes but now she is on the run. The book is a romantic, historical, sci-fi –adventure. His has all the makings for a HBO epic series. There are seven books in this series.

3. The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan
This is a 13-volume sweeping epic that could be adapted into a major movie series. It is a richly imagined epic that shows the struggle between the servants of the Dark One and those of the champion of light known as the Dragon Reborn.

2. The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King
This is a tough one. This magnum opus has been made into comics and video games. But when plans to turn it into a movie appeared, the film ideas fell through. It is an epic fantasy tale about a gun slinging prince named Roland Deschain that fights off the Man in Black. He must unlock the secrets of the Dark Tower. This is a western, sci-fi adventure, fantasy tale, and horror. It should be made into an R-rated fantasy for adults. Currently there are eight books in the series.

1. The Earthsea Cycle by Ursula K. Le Guin
This is a multi-racial epic- saga that follows the adventures of Ged or Sparrowhawk. He is a wizard that must realize his full potential. The saga features the exploration of a complex world where names are precious. This series is a darker Harry Potter that was made 20 years before. There ancient sects of women torturers, dragons, trolls, and a whole lot more. This series has six books and can adapted into an epic film series or TV show. There was a miniseries on SYFY but it is not worth mentioning, but here is a trailer. She deserves better.



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