Top Ten Craziest Moments on Shameless

By Gabriela Penaherrera ,

Shameless is one of the most raunchy and honest shows out there on television. If you have not watched or need to catch up, take a look at our list of unforgettable and crazy moments since the show's inception.

10. Lip takes a leak on his father - In season one, Lip, the eldest son of Frank Gallagher, does not want to let his Frank in the house after finding out he had sex with his girlfriend. Lip takes matters into his own hands and gives him a urine shower.

9. Lip's weed/beer Ice Cream Truck - In season two Lip and Kev go into a lucrative business by buying an ice cream truck and selling dollar cigarettes, beer, and pot to underage kids. Pretty funny stuff.

8. In season two, Karen gives birth to an Asian Mentally Challenged baby and Sheila steal him from the hospital. In season two Karen gives birth to what we think could be either Lip's or her now husband Jody. Instead we see the little guy was fathered by another man, who Karen admitted to sleeping with while she was with the other two guys. Karen rejects the baby wants to give it up for adoption but Sheila wants to keep her grandson so she goes to the hospital at night and takes him from the hospital nursery.

7. Debbie in season one also steals a baby. She is in desperate need of a friend and sees an opportunity when she sees a young boy in front of house unattended. She dresses the boy up as a girl and the baby does not seem upset or notice that he is missing. Debbie eventually has to bring the baby back and lie to the SWAT teams and cops that she "found" him.

6. Sheila is an agoraphobic. But do not let her timid demeanor fool you. She has her secret fetish of violating men with sex toys in places you could not think a dildo could fit. With her box of toys in every size, shape, and color, she and Jody begin a relationship after Karen runs away and leaves her baby and her husband Jody in season 2.

5. In season two, Frank screws Dottie to death, literally. When Frank gets involved with a dying friend in order to be left with some money after she passes, Frank comes up with the idea to ask her to marry him. Dottie, who knows she does not have much time to live, agrees to marry him. When she finds out he was lying to her to get her house, Dottie agrees to give Frank $2,000 and a flat screen to screw Dottie until her last dying breath.

4. In season two, Grammy dies at the hands of Sheila. When Grammy Debbie comes to visit Frank, she is trying to make it up to her grandkids by buying them food and presents. You can totally see where Grammy screwed up with Frank and where he gets it from. After failing at creating a meth lab in the Gallagher basement, she finds out she has terminal cancer. Wanting to let go and be rid of her pain, she convinces Sheila to smother her to death and get her out of her misery.

3. In season three, Frank, the reasons for all his family's pitfalls, calls CPS on his own family. Child Protective Services, for those who do not know, come and take all the kids from a desperate Fiona who is flabbergasted as to who called CPS.

2. In season one, Karen who is rebelling against her father and has also turned into a sex feign, starts to make passes at Frank while he is living in her house. Frank finally succumbs to Karen's obvious heavy flirting and they have sex. Karen, however, films it and sends it to her religious father who sees it and commits suicide shortly after.

1. One of the weirdest and disturbing moments in the show came in season three which involves Kev, Veronica, and her mother. Kev and V. are desperate to have a baby and since V cannot get pregnant, she has resorted to asking her mother for her eggs to carry Kev's baby. After a turkey baster fails to impregnate V's mom, V asks her mom and Kev to do it the old-fashioned way. After that does not work, V agrees to join in on them to for her sake, make a baby. Talk about disturbing!

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