‘Veronica Mars’ fan pledges $10k in exchange for speaking role

By Allison Cordaro,

Fans of the teen detective drama exceeded expectations today and poured in over $2 million in a few hours to fund the Veronica Mars movie project. Creators of the project also have Steven Dengler to thank.

Entertainment Weekly reported that Dengler pledged $10 thousand in order to see the project through.

While Dengler’s generosity could be perceived as a symptom of an overzealous fan, Dengler denies being a “superfan.”

“I’m not a superfan in the sense of knowing every line from every episode or anything like that. In fact,” he continued, “if you put me in with your average group of superfans, I’d probably get bounced pretty quickly… I would call myself a small-f ‘fan’ of the series.”

Instead, Dengler’s enthusiasm stems from crowdfunding itself. Having supported about 65 projects on Kickstart, Dengler likes the creative freedom that pages like Kickstart can provide moviemakers. Instead of relying on financiers who fund movie projects, oftentimes in exchange for creative control, fans now have more power to decide what they want to make.

“What I love about Kickstarter is it really is empowering the artists, the people who create content, to go directly to the fan base and say, ‘Look, let’s skip this baloney,’” he said. “Let’s just make it and not involve this crazy stupid layer of people who think they know what you want.”

Unfortunately, Dengler stated that his schedule might make perks of his donation such as having a speaking role a little difficult.

“I’m really busy, and I travel a lot. I do have a day job which takes up my attention, so ironically, this might be something I won’t even be able to do in the end,” he admitted. “I may have to nominate one of my friends to do it in my place.”

The Veronica Mars Kickstarter project reached its $2 million goal late last night.



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