Vets save dog that swallowed 111 pennies

By Daniela Duron,

Doctors were able to save the life of a Jack Russell terrier from New York City with emergency operation after the 13-year old pooch swallowed 111 pennies.

The New York Daily News reports that doctors at BluePearl Veterinary Partners saved the life of the dog, named Jack, with a two hour operation that had them taking out five pennies at a time.

“If Jack would not have had the pennies removed the consequences would have been fatal,” said Dr. Amy Zalcman, who was involved in Jack’s operation.

Jack’s owner, Tim Kelleher, said the dog swallowed the change after trying to get to a bagel, causing him to knock the coins to the floor.

“He’s like a voracious Tasmanian devil — if there’s food, he’s got to get it,” said Kelleher.

After the dog started to vomit, Kelleher decided to take Jack to the clinic, and X-rays then showed the chunk of change Jack had inside of him. The doctors then performed an endoscopy, which has them using a camera to locate the pennies and grab them out with a scope.

Dr. Zalcman told ABC News that Jack is “a very lucky dog,” especially since the zinc could have been a lethal threat.

Thankfully, the dog is back to normal and “doing great,” according to Kelleher. “He’s driving me crazy again.”



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