Viewpoint School parents plan to prosecute Charlie Sheen for 'inciting violence' on Twitter

By Markirah Shaw,

Angry parents have rallied and made plans to file a complaint against actor Charlie Sheen for encouraging his 9 million followers to throw feces, toilet paper and rotten eggs at the private school his daughter used to attend.

According to Elite Daily News, parents held a meeting at Viewpoint School on Thursday to discuss the repercussions of Sheen’s recent Twitter rant.

On Mar. 14, the Anger Management actor explained in a lengthy tweet how Viewpoint administration failed to investigate his daughter’s claim that she’d been bullied by another student. The disgruntled father then urged his millions of followers to go to the school and deface the building, writing: "we will not tolerate this level of abhorrent disrespect towards the child of your favorite Warlock.”

One of the parents present at the meeting was a lawyer who believes Sheen could be brought up on charges of “criminal threats” and “inciting violence.”

According to TMZ, parents are taking Sheen's Twitter rant seriously because of the actor's history of unruly behavior. Two exes, a former associate, and an adult film actress have all accused Sheen of violent threats in the past.

Sheen escaped prosecution on these allegations, but his most recent outburst is not being dismissed. A source to TMZ explained that parents were anxious about Sheen’s more dedicated fans who may have taken the actor’s words to heart and could “act out” on Viewpoint School without warning.

Parents of the Viewpoint schoolchildren have reportedly already spoken to authorities about pursuing legal action against Sheen.



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