The Voice: Blind Auditions Night Two

By Chelsea Lewis,
The blind auditions continue on NBC's The Voice.

The Voice returned last night with new talent and new judges, Shakira and Usher. Season four has started off strong with impressive musical talent and off the chart vocalists. The second night of blind auditions did not disappoint.

Tawnya Reynolds started the second night of blind auditions off. The country singer who came from Nashville sang, “Mamas Don’t Let Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys.” Adam Levine and Shakira turned their chairs around halfway through the first verse. Usher turned around just as Reynolds finished the song. Shakira said that despite what people may think she is very country, even bringing an English to country dictionary with here. Levine added that Reynolds had a very classic country tone to her voice and that if they stayed true to her style, they could go far. Usher added that he could make really make her youthful voice classic. Reynolds decided to join Team Shakira.

Following Reynolds was model turned singer, Josiah Hawley. Hawley chose to sing, “Sunday Morning,” by Maroon 5. Shelton hit his button first for Hawley, followed by Usher. It took until the middle of Hawley’s audition, but Levine did hit his button. Levine said that Hawley was bold with his song choice and that he did have a great voice. Shelton added that he heard a guy who was badass and that his hair was badass. Usher said that he has the skill set and the information that can make Hawley great. After much discussion, Hawley chose to join Team Usher.

Up next to The Voice stage was folk duo, Midas Whale who performed, “Folsom Prison Blue,” originally sang by Johnny Cash. Usher turned his chair around first for the dynamic duo, followed by Shelton. Levine threw his hat into the ring and turned his chair around third. Shakira hit her button fourth, making the Midas Whale duo the first of the night to get all four coaches to turn around. Shelton said that he hoped the duo would go with him and not screw up the rest of their lives. Shakira added that their voices harmonized very well together. The duo decided to join Team Adam.

Abraham McDonald auditioned next. McDonald put his own spin on the Beyonce classic, “Best Thing I Never Had.” Even with an impressive rendition of “Best Thing I Never Had,” no judges turned their chair around.

Following McDonald was Cathia. Cathia sang, “No Me Doy Por Vencido.” Usher hit his button first for Cathia closely followed by Shakira. Shelton hit his button third. Shakira added that she had the voice that could work in any language. Shelton added that he didn’t understand what Cathia was singing but he loved it regardless. In the end Cathia chose to join Team Shakira.

Sarah Simmons was the last artist of the night to audition. Simmons sang, “One of Us,” by Joan Osborne. Levine and Shakira turned their chairs around first when Simmons went into her upper vocal register. Shelton and Usher turned their chairs closely following Shakira and Levine. Simmons was only the second artist of the night to get all four judges to turn around. Levine added that he knew she could win this show. Shelton added that Simmons was one of the top three vocalists he had ever heard auditioned for the voice. In the end, Simmons joined Team Adam.

The Voice continues next week with more blind auditions on NBC.

Image: NBC



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