Volvo S60

By TheCelebrityCafe.com,

The Volvo S60 offers beauty and power in Sweden's best-selling auto, and an affordable alternative to Audi and BMW.

With this 4-door sedan, Volvo has been able to do something most car makers can't: create a car that is both roomy and sleek. Forget Volvo's previous obsession with boxy-looking cars. The S60 features sexy curves that are stylish and sporty. And yet it still maintains the sensible look that appeals to its loyal consumer base more concerned about safety.

Under the hood is a 2.5-liter turbocharged five cylinder engine that kicks out 250 horsepower. The engines 266 pound-feet of torque really gives the S60 a boost. There's no problem passing slower moving midsize cars here. Put the S60 in Sport mode and the Volvo will hold gears longer to deliver more power.

The S60 comes with a manual shift mode but since it's not a true manual shift it's best to just let the computer handle the shifting for you.

This new Volvo has a front-wheel drive system but you can option an all-wheel drive system which can prove useful in wet or icy conditions. Regardless the drive system, the S60 comes with Dynamic Stability and Traction Control to assist with cornering. You can partially disable the system in Sport mode for a bit more slip and spin.

And since we're talking about a Volvo here safety is a huge selling point. Volvo's City Safety is a standard feature. A front-looking camera scans the road in front of you for pedestrians, traffic and obstacles and detects inevitable collisions. Once engaged, it warns you of an impending collision and automatically applies the brakes. Volvo also offers a variety of add ons that live up to the brand's fame as the safest car on the road.

With a base price of less than $32,000, the Volvo S60 imitates the look and feel of an Audi and BMW while remaining true to its legacy of reliability and safety.



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