'The Walking Dead' Recap: 'Arrow on the Doorpost'

By Glen Medoro,

In this week's highly anticipated episode of episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, Rick finally has a meeting with the Governor. While a few other things happened, this was clearly the highlight of the episode.

The episode starts out with Herschel driving in their green Hyundai with Rick in the passenger seat and Daryl on his motorcycle. Rick and Daryl left Herschel to make their way to a meeting area.

Rick walks into an empty room only to see the Governor stroll in seconds later. The Governor, the head of Woodbury, seems to be a bit hostile after he tells Rick he is unarmed, but has a gun taped to his side of the table in their meeting room.

At first they negotiate briefly, then Andrea joins them. She arrives with Martinez and Milton. Once she is in the room with the Governor and Rick, the Governor reveals he is there for Rick to surrender his prison.

Later, the show pans back to everyone else at the Prison. Merle tries to leave to go help Daryl and the others at the Meeting Spot, but Glenn stops him while they get into a fight.

The Governor later tells Rick all he really wants is Michonne and Rick thinks about it. The Governor then leaves and goes back Woodbury, telling everyone to prepare to kill Rick and his group when they go back to meet in two days at noon.

The Governor tells Andrea they made a deal although he is lying to her. Rick also tells the members at the Prison to prepare for war, but then contemplates giving up Michonne with Herschel.

There are three episodes left of Season 3.



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