Will Arnett shares details on new season of the revived 'Arrested Development'

By Stephanie Kaplan,
The actor discusses what fans can expect from the fourth season of the revamped show

After being taken off the air back in 2006, the comedy Arrested Development has been revived for another season – starting in May – through Netflix. One of the stars Will Arnett recently opened up about the highly anticipated upcoming season.

Us Weekly reports that the 42-year-old actor who plays Gob on the comedy shared, “The [Bluth] family has kind of fallen apart. Left to their own devices, all of these characters will evolve into the worst versions of themselves.”

Arnett mentioned his character now hangs out with a different group of people, saying, “He's running with a pretty fast crowd. His fallback is always his illusions. Magic is who he is.”

The Hollywood Reporter shares that David Cross, who plays the unique Tobias Funk, shared how fun it was to reunite with his former costars. He said, “It was just a real great time getting back to doing those characters, working with those guys. That was a real treat.”

Arnett mentions that each of the fourteen new episodes will center on one character. He said, “We decided everyone gets one week and then we'll get them to make cameos in other [episodes].”

The fourth season, which is available through Netflix starting May 14, allows viewers a different kind of television watching. While most programs air one episode per week, Arnett states that all of the episodes of the season will be available from the start.

"We love this concept because you get to watch it the way you want to watch it," Arnett explains. "That's how it is with Arrested Development. It's great. We don't get pre-empted by baseball or anything...We call it binge and purge entertainment."

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