WME co-CEO, Ari Emanuel sends letter to NBC over 'Rock Center' interview

By Steven Mitchell,

Super agent, Ari Emanuel, sent a letter to NBC over an interview that aired Friday night with his two brothers and host, Brian Williams.

According to The New York Post, the William Morris Endeavor (WME) Agency co-CEO sent a legal letter to NBC after he objected to not have the Rock Center program aired. Something that was supposed to be lighthearted turned dramatic and had the high-powered agent upset.

The segment was supposed to be about Ari along with his brothers Rahm, who is Chicago’s mayor, and Ezekiel, a bioethicist. The interview, set at a Manhattan bar, was supposed to be in Ezekiel’s soon-to-be released book, Brothers Emanuel: A Memoir of an American Family.

The interview turned for the worse when Williams started to ask the brothers about their connections with Israel and Ari's status as a forceful agent in Hollywood, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

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NBC later gave out a statement on the Rock Center program.

"We hope viewers saw the interview as a lively conversation with three famously colorful brothers who embody a great American story of success."

There were reports that Ari got into a ‘heated confrontation’ with Steve Burke, NBC Universal CEO, at a taping of SNL over the interview, but reliable sources shot that down quickly.

There was no comment from Ari’s rep at this time.



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