Yahoo! announces plans to dispose of seven major apps

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
The new Yahoo! chief is reportedly injecting a dose of Google into the company.

Yahoo! reportedly plans to shut down seven of its less successful products and applications, in its second “spring cleaning” initiative since the corporation underwent a change in command last July.

NBC reported that the announcement was released on Yahoo!’s company blog Friday. Jay Rossiter, the company’s vice president of platforms said that the decisions to cut these services had to do with whether they served a practical and everyday use online.

The most notable product to go will be the Blackberry App, which will no longer be available after April 1. On the same day, Yahoo!’s customizable cartoon avatars will also be done away with.

Other apps Yahoo! plans to dispose of are App Search, Yahoo! message boards, its Sports IQ app, and “Yahoo Updates API."

According to Reuters these changes come under the influence of new CEO Marissa Mayer, who during her tenure as former Google executive saw the overall benefits of such regular instances of mass product-shutdown. Mayer was brought on as CEO after a yearlong transition and several interim replacements failed to see a success.



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