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It's so easy to go through a pair of shoes. Fortunately, shoes are mostly affordable and easy to replace. But what if you have a favorite pair of shoes that can't be replaced? You know the kind of shoe I'm talking about: the super comfortable pair you can wear all day every day and that can serve you in a variety of situations. Unfortunately, manufacturers no longer make your favorite shoes. Instead of having to go out and try dozens of new shoes (and spend valuable time and risk discomfort breaking them in), you can get your shoes fixed ... without even leaving your home!

Zabellos is an online shoe repair service that will pick up your old shoes and return them to you restored so you can enjoy them longer. For as little $49 you can have your favorite pair of shoes repaired by master craftsmen and delivered to your front door with free shipping.

Zabellos offers a variety of restoration packages to suit your needs and budget. The silver package will get heels fixed; the gold package fixes heels and half soles; and the platinum package fixes heels and full soles. Or you can go with a custom package that can be used on not just shoes but practically anything made of leather including: handbags, belts, leather jackets, cowboy boots, baseball gloves, golf shoes, mountain climbing shoes, bowling shoes, dance shoes, gun holsters, leather gloves and luggage. Custom modifications include: fabric and leather dyeing, heel height adjustments, zipper repair, strap replacement, weather and stain protection, and orthopedic alterations.

Before you decide to toss your shoes, visit http://www.Zabellos.com and make them look new again!



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