Zachary Levi Wants 'Chuck' Movie

By Ariel Campos,
Kickstarter might be the way to go...

The recent developments with Veronica Mars and its upcoming movie funded in part by a Kickstater campaign seems to have sparked enthusiasm in others looking to put their cancelled series onto the silver screen.

Most recently, Chuck star Zachary Levi has taken to the internet to spread the idea of a movie for the cancelled NBC show. What the movie would consist of is up for debate (a continuation?) , but fans seem to be for the idea, spreading around the hashtag "#ChuckMovie" on Twitter.

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In their excitement, EW contacted the actor, who said that although a movie is still in its very early phase, "We are entering into the wild west of entertainment where essentially everybody can do what only studios could do for the last 70 years".

Another show that may follow in the footsteps of Veronica Mars is Bryan Fuller's Pushing Daisies. The morbidly fantastic ABC show ended abruptly in 2009, but maintains a cult following that could be enough to bring it back on a bigger screen.

The Huffington Post reported that Fuller has made a phone call to Mars creator Rob Thomas, possibly looking for advice.

"I never assumed it was a realistic option until Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell pulled it off," Fuller has said. Indeed, it seems sure that the movement for the teen detective show has started a new way of getting films off the ground - which begs the question, who will be next to follow suit?



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