10 Celebrities With a Mean Streak

By Christopher Rosa,
Celebrities you don't want to piss off

If bad apples existed, all of these stars would be on the same tree. Several celebrities are known to have notorious mean streaks, crazy behavior and downright disturbing scenes.

From smashing cars with umbrellas to social media mudslinging to even high-speed car chases, you do not want these stars on your bad side. Once in the line of their fire, you may see yourself getting burned! Many of these celebrities were provoked prior to their lashing out, but many simply acted on their own accord.

While some have issued apologies for their erratic and mean-spirited behavior, others have let their mistakes live on in infamy. Many of these celebrities have seen great triumph and comebacks since their illicit behaviors; however, some are still struggling to restore their image and get their acts together. Here are ten celebrities with fear-inducing faux pas.

The next time you are in Hollywood, stay clear of these big stars!




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