10 great 'Seinfeld' episodes

By Steven Mitchell,

I just want to first start off by saying that this is not in any way an official ‘Top 10.’ This list, which took me forever to make, is simply 10 great episodes of the greatest sitcom ever, Seinfeld. Seinfeld became a hit for NBC and last for nine seasons - a total of 180 episodes. During those nine seasons the show never really had a bad episode. Actually, what I should be doing is making a ‘Not Top 10 Seinfeld Episodes’ because really that’s all there probably are.

Seinfeld debuted on July 5, 1989 and said goodbye May 14, 1998. It was created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. The NBC comedy starred Seinfeld as himself, Jason Alexander as George Costanza, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine Benes and Michael Richards as Kramer.

The show dubbed “the show about nothing” actually had a lot of something in each episode. Other shows could be seen as trying to do what Seinfeld did but there will really never be another show like it. Seinfeld changed television and what networks decided to put on the air. This list of episodes are what I think are to be the best or changing moments for television and are in no particular order. These are everyday moments that happen to all of us.

10. “The Chinese Restaurant” & “The Parking Garage”
I put these two episodes together because these two really changed how writers wrote television episodes. “The Chinese Restaurant” came first in season two. NBC almost didn’t air it because they felt that a 30-minute episode couldn’t take place entirely inside a Chinese restaurant, but Seinfeld and David did it anyway. The gang, without Kramer, decides to grab dinner at a Chinese restaurant before seeing Plan 9 From Outer Space. The problem is they didn’t make reservations and for a whole thirty minutes they wait until finally leaving. Of course that’s when their table is ready.

For “The Parking Garage” Seinfeld and David did it again to NBC. This episode came a season later in season three. It takes place entirely in a parking garage. Kramer is stuck lugging around an air conditioner while the gang look for Kramer’s car.

9. “The Face Painter”
This classic episode came in season six. George finally tells a girl that he loves her, which could lead to “a pretty big matzo ball hanging” for him. Puddy paints his face up in support for a hockey game for the New Jersey Devils. Kramer somehow gets in a fight with a monkey at the zoo.

8. “The Strike”
Everyone’s favorite holiday came to be in season nine. The Costanza holiday tradition of Festivus is introduced to us. Kramer finally ends his feud with H&H Bagels and goes back to work for them after his 12-year strike. The name “two-face” isn’t only used in Batman anymore thanks to Jerry’s girlfriend.

7. “The Merv Griffin Show”
This episode also came in season nine. Kramer finds and sets up the set of The Merv Griffin Show in a dumpster. His apartment becomes a home for it as he makes his apartment into a talk show set. Jerry dates a girl who has a classic toy collection which everyone wants to play with. These issues are talked about on Kramer’s talk show. I mean in his apartment.

6. “The Pitch/ The Ticket”
These two episodes came in the Emmy winning fourth season. A show about nothing talks about writing a show about nothing. NBC wants Jerry to write a sitcom pilot and George invites himself along. During the pitch, George tells NBC that it’ll be about “nothing.” If you can believe it that is kind of how the real life story went. Kramer attempts to help Newman out of a speeding ticket.

5. “The Abstinence”
George is unable to have sex with his girlfriend in this season eight episode. So by abstaining from sex George becomes smart. The total opposite happens for Elaine when she stops having sex. Jerry takes offense when he keeps getting his gig at his junior high school keeps getting pushed. Kramer’s apartment becomes a smoking lounge and Jackie Chiles does his best to get a lawsuit against the tobacco company.

4. “The Boyfriend Parts 1&2”
This two-part episode aired in season three. A bromance rises between Jerry and his Met idol, Keith Hernandez. Things go sour with the two when Keith starts to date Elaine and Jerry gets jealous. Kramer and Newman have a hatred for Keith from when he spit on them after a baseball game. Jerry is at Keith’s defense thinking there was a second spitter. The whole act is analyzed by them. George does his hardest to get his unemployment extended by lying about an interview with Vandelay Industries while also dating the counselor’s daughter.

3. “The Hamptons”
This season five episodes just always makes me happy. The gang heads to the Hamptons for a nice weekend getaway. George brings up a girl he is dating, but hasn’t seen naked yet. When he leaves for a bit Jerry, Kramer and Elaine see her topless. Jerry’s girlfriend catches George naked and the term “shrinkage” takes flight. Kramer gets in trouble for “finding” lobsters and George gets revenge on Jerry’s girlfriend.

2. “The Marine Biologist”
This episode also first aired in season five. It really is just an amazing episode and could easily be anyone’s top second favorite. Jerry tells George’s new girlfriend that George is a successful marine biologist. Elaine has an electric organizer that annoys a Russian writer who throws it out of their limo and hits a passerby. Kramer goes golfing at the beach and sets George up for one interesting tale.

1. “The Contest”
This Emmy winning episode from the fourth season could honestly be anyone’s No.1 favorite. The gang makes an interesting contest with each other by seeing who is “master of your domain.” Each member has to fight through the urges trying to beat one another. Kramer is out within almost five minutes.



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