'60 Minutes,' 'CBS Denver' and '48 Hours' hacked, malicious tweets sent

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

CBS Network is the most recent victim of a Twitter hacking which sent out tweets to links which included malware in addition to tweets suggesting that the government was working in cahoots with Al-Qaeda.

All Things D reports that the Twitter accounts of 60 Minutes and 48 Hours were hacked and sent out compromising tweets, which have since been deleted. Among the tweets include, “Exclusive: Terror is striking the #USA and #Obama is Shamelessly in bed with Al-Qaeda.”

CBS’s Denver affiliate was also hacked and sent out a tweet reading, “WMDs Provided by NATO to Al-Queda for a False Flag Operation in #Syria” and “New Evidence of CIA arming Al Qaeda Terrorists in #Syria.”

Since the hacking 60 Minutes, 48 Hours and CBS Denver have taken to Twitter to inform their followers of the hacking.

“PLEASE NOTE: Our Twitter account was compromised earlier today. We are working with Twitter to resolve,” they clarified.

It remains unclear who hacked into the networks’ accounts.



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