Amanda Abbington files for bankruptcy

By Ariel Campos ,

Amanda Abbington, common-law wife of Sherlock actor Martin Freeman, was forced to declare bankruptcy yesterday.

Despite the fact that her long time partner Freeman has been very successful, especially as of late with his commitment to The Hobbit franchise, a source told Daily Mail UK that "Bankruptcy laws recognize individuals rather than couples, so the penniless partner of a wealthy person is free to go bust like anyone else."

Nollywood One goes into further detail, stating that Abbington has just started work on the new ITV1 show Mr. Selfridge, and that a £120,000 tax bill is what sent her over the edge.

The two are very private about their home life, as they have two young children together, and aren't expected to comment on the recent turn of events. A tax specialist informed Daily Mail UK about the case, saying that "Once the period of bankruptcy is over, then the matter is closed. If she goes on to have a lucrative career, then that's just her good fortune..." Hopefully Abbington's new show Slefridge will be successful, and she can put all of this behind her.

Image courtesy of Tumblr.com



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