Amazing Race Recap: My Cheese is Out of Control

By Lauren DuBois,
Teams head frlom the dry heat of Africa to the cold snow of Switzerland

Teams learned at the start of this leg that they were to fly over 5,500 miles to Zurich, Switzerland, where they would have to locate a conductor to give them their next clue.

They travel by train to the town of Grindenwald, where they then wait on the grounds of a church for a shepherd to deliver their next clue. All teams were on the same flights and same train out. However, at the connection in Bern to Interlochen, Joey and Megan and Mona and Beth missed the train. However, the lead the other teams got by making their train was lost when the shepherd did not arrive until 8:55 AM the next morning. Once again, the playing field is leveled.

The shepherd delivered everyone a clue, and they got on another train that took them outside the Eiger Mountain. They picked up a St. Bernard and boarded a train to the top of Europe, where they would drop the dog off with a mountain rescue team and then search for their next clue at the sphinx. There, they encountered a Road Block, where one team member had to climb the Eiger Mountain

After scaling the mountain, they had to board a train to Grindelwald, Grund and cross a bridge to follow the sound of a horn to receive their next clue. Bates and Anthony, Max and Katie, Beth and Mona and Jennifer and Caroline finished quickly. Wynona struggled on the mountain, and because waiting for her to finish caused Joey and Meghan a delay as well.

At the next clue, teams encountered a switchback, where they transported 200 lbs. of cheese down a hill on sleds. The teams all loaded their cheese onto the sleds and reversed them down the hill, allowing them to not only get down quickly, but to block their cheese from getting too far away from them. Chuck and Wynona were the only ones who simply rolled the wheels of cheese down the hill. Bates and Anthony finished first, with Max and Katie, Mona and Beth and Caroline and Jennifer right behind them.

Teams then made their way to the Bodmi Snowboard and Ski School for the pit stop. Bates and Anthony checked in first, winning a trip for two to Bora Bora. Mona and Beth checked in second, with Max and Katie following behind in third. Caroline and Jennifer finished in fourth.

Chuck and Wynona arrived fifth after Joey, and Megan started walking the wrong way, getting lost on the way to the Pit Stop. However, because they rolled the cheese down the hill and didn’t use their sleds, they incurred a 30 minute penalty. Joey and Meghan arrived before the penalty was up, so they taled Chuck and Wynona’s fifth-place finish, making Chuck and Wynona the last ones to check-in, and therefore were eliminated.



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