'Amazing Race' Recap: The Ultimate Fun House

By Lauren DuBois,
Teams head to Berlin, Germany

Teams find out at the start of this leg that they are to head to Dresden Germany, where they are to head to the Ministry of Finance. All teams were on a 5:26 AM train out of Switzerland. While on the train, Bates realized someone had stolen his bag. Because his passport wasn’t in it, there would be no severe consequence for the hockey player and his brother.

Max and Katie arrived first at the Ministry, and found out they had to correctly answer three race-related questions before they could drive off and receive their next clue. They would find out that they were to drive to the Brandenberg Gate at the (former) Berlin Wall in Berlin, more than 100 miles away from their current location. Jennifer and Carolyn and Meghan and Joey were close behind in second and third. Bates and Anthony and Mona and Beth followed directly behind in fourth and fifth place as well.

Once at the gate, teams found they had to make their way to the roof of the Park Inn Hotel. At the roof, they had to Base Fly, dropping 37 stories to the ground, before they could receive their next clue. Afterwards they encountered a detour. In “Train Trails,” teams would have to go to a train museum and lay model train tracks, then keep a train on the tracks for one complete circuit. In “Font Follies” , teams would have to transport two giant letters of the alphabet through the streets of Berlin to a different museum. All teams except for Joey and Meghan chose Font Follies. Max and Katie continued their first place lead, but the alliance between Caroline and Jennifer and Bates and Anthony encountered tension when they teamed up to finish the detour together—and encountered problems when they not only couldn’t find their museum destination, but when Anthony also broke his letter—and had to go back and get a new one. At this point the teams separated and Bates and Anthony switched to “Train Trails.” Mona and Beth finished second, and Joey and Meghan finished third, after seven attempts. Caroline and Jennifer were in fourth, and Bates and Anthony started bringing up the rear.

Teams then made their way to an underground bar to receive their next clue. Here they encountered a roadblock, where they had to identify who said a famous quote, and then crawl through a twisted labyrinth for a “white room” to receive their next clue. The labyrinth was creepy Katie, but she managed to get through it quickly, and she and Max made their way to the Pit Stop, the “fifth avenue” of Berlin. Joey entered the labyrinth next, finding it creepy as well, but he also managed to finish quickly. Jennifer, Beth and Anthony all followed behind.

Max and Katie checked in first, and received two new 2013 Ford Fusion cars. Joey and Meghan checked in second. Caroline and Jennifer were third. In a full-on race to the finish, that came down to who could run faster, Bates and Anthony finished fourth, beating Mona and Beth by mere seconds. However it was a non-elimination leg, so Mona and Beth were safe, and will have to encounter a speed bump on the next leg.



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