Amazon says Amazon Studio pilots were a success over the weekend

By Daniel S Levine,

Amazon launched its 14 Amazon Studio pilots on Friday and is already calling it a success. The company hasn’t said which ones will go to series, but they said that the shows were among the most streamed on its Amazon Instant Video service.

As we previously reported, the eight comedy pilots and four children’s shows are all available to stream for free. Amazon will use feedback from users to decide which shows get picked up for a full season.

In a statement on Monday, Amazon said that the pilots made up eight of the 10 most-streamed shows on its service, reports Deadline. However, like Netflix did in February, Amazon didn’t release any more data than that. The web giant would only say that 80 percent of the reviews for the pilots have feen four out of five-star ratings.

For those deciding on which shows to take time to check out, this writer recommends Onion News Empire, which is a fictionalized look at America’s favorite fictional news empire. The series stars Arrested Development’s Jeffrey Tambor as a self-centered anchor and Malcolm In The Middle’s Christopher Masterson as an optimistic rookie journalist.

Another interesting pilot was Zombieland, based on the cult 2009 film. While none of the superstar cast from the film appears in it, Tyler Ross and Maiara Walsh try their best to be Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone substitutes.

image: Amazon



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