'American Pie' actor Eddie Kaye Thomas held hostage in home by woman wielding knife

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

American Pie actor Eddie Kaye Thomas has called the police stating a woman in his home has threatened to kill him with a knife.

Sources tell TMZ that Thomas, who played Finch in the American Pie films, got into a heated argument with the woman who grabbed a kitchen knife and allegedly threatened his life.

The SWAT team has since responded, where Thomas and the unidentified woman remain inside.

According to LA Times, LAPD Lt. Andrew Neiman informed that the police responded to the actor's Hollywood Hills home around 1pm, but would not confirm the severity of the call.

The report states that the woman spent the night at Thomas’ home and when asked to leave the following morning, she refused. That is when the argument ensued and resulted in her pulling out the knife.

Officials were urging the woman to surrender the knife and allow Thomas to safety.

It is unclear if the woman has surrendered. TMZ notes that the incident is ongoing.

image: YouTube



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