AnnaSophia Robb talks high school and kissing Austin Butler in 'Seventeen'

By Danielle Fredette,

AnnaSophia Robb, star of the CW show The Carrie Diaries, covers the May issue of Seventeen magazine, where she opens up about her own high school experience and her plans for the future.

19-year-old Robb, who plays the infamous Carrie Bradshaw as a teen, reveals that she was not always popular with the kids her age growing up.

"I think girls are especially worried about being judged, and when you're in high school, everything seems like a bigger deal than it is. You might not fit in, but that's okay. Everyone thought I was weird in high school!" reports US Weekly.

She also revealed that she gave up going to Stanford University, her dream school, to be on the show. In order to make the decision about whether to go to college or continue acting, she says, "I prayed and thought about it a lot, but I trusted my gut, because what else do you have to go on?"

But what everyone really wanted to know about was what it's like to work with her costar, heartthrob Austin Butler, who plays Sebastian Kydd on the show.

Robb says that although 21-year-old Butler is "so cute," kissing in front of the camera is not as fun as it may seem. "One of the biggest challenges for us is to be sexy and flirty on camera because we just can't take each other seriously anymore -- kissing on camera isn't that fun!"

Butler has been dating fellow actress Vanessa Hudgens for over a year now, and Robb says that Butler is head over heels for her. "He talks about Vanessa all the time. They're crazy in love!"

Photo courtesy of Seventeen



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