Ashley Tisdale shows skin for Maxim but won't go topless for a role

By Lauren Weitz ,

While Ashley Tisdale is practically baring it all on the latest cover of Maxim, the Scary Movie 5 actress doesn’t plan to ever go completely topless for a role.

#ProudToBeAFanOf Ashley Tisdale's #Maxim #PhotoShoot  on Twitpic

"I don't think I'd ever do a topless role," Tisdale told E! News. “I'll do drama and stuff but I don't think I'll ever go topless for something."

The actress told People that she was sick with bronchitis during the photo shoot with Maxim.

"It was freezing. It was not really that fun," Tisdale told People. "I was in Malibu, in the wintertime, with nothing on."

Even though the shoot may have been cold, Tisdale still made the best of it, saying, "I was freezing, but I had so much fun doing it. In those moments, the adrenaline pops in, and you're like, 'Whooo!'"

Tisdale starred alongside Lindsay Lohan in Scary Movie 5, which came out in theaters on April 11, and said she loved working with the actress.

"I think Lindsay's great!" Tisdale said to E! News. "There were so many cameos, and that's what I love about these movies. They'd write a scene, then look for cameos, and they'd just pop in and do it. It was like, 'Whoa, Mike Tyson's here, and that wasn't even planned!'"



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