Australian couple see Google Street View Car, have sex on the spot

By Daniel S Levine,

Google’s Street View cars have picked up several strange sights in the past, but this one is probably one of the funniest. An Australian couple spotted the car, stopped and decided to not only wave to the car, but have sex.

This was first caught by a redditor, who posted on the WTF reddit page, “So I found this on Google Street View...” with a link to the image. It shows the couple having sex with some help from their car on the side of the road. The guy has his pants down and is drinking a water bottle while the woman waves directly at the camera.

As Gawker notes, the photo was taken in South Australia on the Dukes highway.

Since the image was picked up by the web (the reddit thread has over 1,400 ‘up’ votes), Google has tried to erase the couple from our memories by blocking out the couple. Unfortunately, the car’s still there, leaving us to wonder what the couple is now doing. Is Google really trying to make real life like The Sims and blurring everything out?

The couple are hardly the only bizarre images captured by Google. StreetViewFun has them all cataloged. It’s a necessary evil when you try to map the world.



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