Bill Cassidy will run for U.S. Senator

By Alexi Knock,

Republican Bill Cassidy of Louisiana announced via a video on Wednesday that he will be running against Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu in 2014.

In the video, Cassidy said "As a family, we have decided that I will run for the United States Senate in the election held November 2014 and it's going to be a tough race. I'm running against Sen. Mary Landrieu who's been there for 18 years and against the most powerful man in the world, Barack Obama."

Cassidy was alongside his wife Laure during the announcement.

According to The Times-Picayune, Cassidy has accused the current senator of wasteful spending and criticizes her for supporting 2010’s Affordable Care Act.

In the video, Cassidy talks about his childhood growing up in Louisiana, as well as attending LSU for undergrad and LSU Medical School. He has been teaching medical students for 20 years. Cassidy’s wife is a breast cancer surgeon.

In the video, Laura says “Even the Obama administration admits [that the health care law] is raising the cost of health insurance, making it difficult for workers to insure their families."

Cassidy will be appearing in New Orleans Wednesday.



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