Blocking Male Sex Hormones can better the Treatment AGAINST Breast Cancer

By Gabrielle Washington,

According to the University of Colorado Science department, most breast cancer cases contain "androgen receptors" on the outside of the tumor. Besides the already known fact that female hormones are able to cause tumor growth, the male sex hormone testosterone can as well.

BBC News has developed much news on this story. The new target in the fight against breast cancer will now be the blocking of male sex hormones that can play a role in the growth of the breast cancer tumor. As Doctor Emma Smith of Cancer Research UK stated, “It's still early days for this research but there's growing interest in the androgen receptor's role in breast cancer as a potential new route to tackle the disease.”

The anti-testosterone target will focus on the use of anti-androgen drugs to help improve the treatment and therapy of breast cancer against male hormones. Although the drug Tamoxifen is of great use in blocking estrogen receptors (or female hormones), there is still a need for treatment in patients who are regressing on the drug due to androgen receptors.

Dr. Jennifer Richer, a scientist apart from this team, added that more than 75 percent of breast cancer cases have androgen receptors in them. This would mean that if they were able to block these receptors, breast cancer treatment would improve by bounds, according to Counsel & Heal.

Surrounded by others who are learning and discovering new ways of treating this matter, UK scientists are also working on treating women who have a tolerance of treatments or who have fewer treatment options. This will not be the end of breast cancer, but as far as breast cancer research is concerned - it is on its way to better development and discovery.



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