Brittney Griner comes out as openly gay and no one seems to care

By Gabrielle Washington,

The most dominant woman in women’s college basketball to date has come out as openly gay during a casual conversation on Wednesday during an interview, and the news media seemed to have paid it no mind.

According to The New York Times, ever since Brittney Griner has come out as openly gay on Wednesday, she has not drawn very much attention by the news or the social media. SB Nation thinks that this is not getting much hype simply for the fact that she is a girl.

“Can you imagine if it was a man who did the exact same thing? Everyone’s head would have exploded.” Said Jim Buzinski who is a co-founder of Outsports.com. “A few weeks ago, we had a story on Outsports about the rumors that an NFL player was going to come out - no one knew who, or anything more than that,” said Buzinski. “That story got 10 times the traffic of Brittney Griner, on video, saying that she is a lesbian,” he smirks.

Of course, being a female athlete, coming out of the closet is not necessarily a new thing to the LGBT community, or so the stigma holds. “In sports right now, there are two different stereotypes - that there are no gay male athletes, and every female athlete is a lesbian,” said Patrick Burke, a co-founder of You Can Play, which is a dominant activist group for LGBT athletes.

“We’ve had tremendous success in getting straight male players to speak to the issue; we’re having a tougher time finding straight female athletes speaking on this issue because they’ve spent their entire careers fighting the perception that they’re a lesbian.” Said Burke on the matter.

Although there are many factors in addressing this issue of athletes coming out as openly gay, there are many groups and people behind the scenes working and addressing the stereotypes and issues in regards to coming out.

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