Cartoon Network to air anti-bullying documentary

By T.J. Murray,

This Sunday, Cartoon Network will air its sister-network CNN's documentary entitled The Bully Effect, which catalogues the bullying of a student and the difference made when people intervened.

Cartoon Network is known for flippant, animated comedy. But this Sunday, according to Variety, the network will present a serious and thoughtful anti-bullying video to its audience. The Bully Effect will feature Alex Libby, one of the subjects of Lee Hirsch's 2012 documentary Bully.

Broadway World reports that the airing of the documentary is one facet of Cartoon Network's wider anti-bullying campaign, Stop Bullying-Speak Up. The half-hour program will feature an introduction and hosting by Anderson Cooper, a CNN anchor and anti-bullying spokesman.

Broadway World also states that Cartoon Network will follow the documentary with a question and answer session with Rosalind Wiseman, a bully prevention specialist.

The Cartoon Network website brings the message to children in their language, with flashy animation, comics, blogs and live chats. Hopefully, the combined efforts of CNN and Cartoon Network can help create an atmosphere of openness and acceptance.



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