Celebrity Tweets: Friday, April 19

By April Chieffo,
Celebrities tweet about Boston.

Many people were glued to their televisions on Friday due to the massive manhunt for 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings. Boston was on everyone’s mind Friday, so the twitterverse was filled with endless tweets about the surreal moments being captured on TV, the events leading up to the suspect being brought into custody, and the relief many felt afterwards.

These are celebrity tweets from throughout the day on Friday, April 19:

Ian Somerhalder: What in hellos going on in the United States right now?!Explosions in Boston,Explosions in Texas,shooting at MIT?!Everyone stop.Stop!!!!!!!!

Emmy Rossum: Glued to @CNN all day. Going to try to pull myself away long enough to enjoy this sunny day and wash my car.

JoJo: You know how much I love this place. I have the outline of the state of Massachusetts tattooed on my ribcage. My heart is breaking.
Olivia Munn: In a time of such sadness & fear, its so moving to see the humanity in so many people helping those in need- thats what I'll remember most.

Dane Cook: I admire the Boston Police Dept with all of my heart. Wish the media would relax- let them do their job. Not everything is Breaking News.

When the 19-year-old suspect was finally caught late Friday, the comedian had a special message of admiration for everyone involved in the investigation.

Ellen DeGeneres: Like everyone else, I'm watching and sending love to Boston.

Kirstie Alley:Wow...our FBI agents and police officers are badass... Don't mess with Boston..They are tough mother Fers

David Boreanaz: Again the pure fascination and obsession of these killers drives the media to excessive coverage.Remember and pray for the victims.
Alyssa Milano: They keep showing the picture of the guy. He looks so normal. Innocent even. I don't understand any of this. Can't wrap my head around it.

Olivia Wilde: So goddamn relieved. Boston, I love you. May the bars stay open til dawn.

Kim Kardashian: Watching the news right now. This is insane. I'm glad they finally captured the 2nd suspect!!! #prayersforBoston

Rainn Wilson: Congrats, #Boston. Sleep safe tonight.

Sofia Vergara: God bless this amazing country

Ryan Seacrest: Relieving end to a horrible week.

Kaley Cuoco: Unreal!!!!!! In custody , mutha- f-er . Thank god.

Elizabeth Banks: Standing ovation for the Boston PD and all the Massachusetts first responders. #MassPride

Pete Wentz: That's a wrap. Boston I've got alotta love for you.

Mario Lopez: Great to see this nightmare over...

Alexa Vega: They finally caught the Bastard! Thank God. #bostonlove

.Andy Cohen: Boston Police get the Wicked Mazel of the Day

Sarah Hyland: A BIG congrats to the FBI and the Boston Police. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I think it's time for a well deserved beer.

Jenny McCarthy: Boston Police, FBI and all law enforcement... Thank you for kicking ass. #respect.

Kevin Jonas: I knew Boston was a tough town but this was other level! #bostonstrong great work everyone involved you were in our prayers

Josh Groban: So happy that the brave city of Boston can breathe some sigh of relief tonight after being held hostage.

Ricky Gervais: Well done to the emergency services and response teams of Boston and to the public for their vigilance and cooperation.
Great work. Peace.

Henry Winkler: BOSTON sleep well tonight !!!! With admiration and affection,

John Legend: Came off stage to great news in Boston! What a relief.

Chris Evens: GREAT work Boston PD, FBI, and everyone involved in successfully bringing this chaos to an end. Job well done!!

Emile Hirsch: Boston Cops vs punk kid whose Justin Bieber's age? That's like Godzilla vs Bambi, except Godzilla has a Red Sox hat on and Bambi is insane.

Eric Stonestreet: Please tell me they backed up a truck, hitched the boat to it, and drove the terrorist to jail in a boat.



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