'Community' recap: 'The Herstory of Dance'

By Tori Kronz,
Britta's Dance and Abed's Dates

The latest episode of Community, “Herstory of Dance”, centers around two dances and Abed’s two dates.

The Dean, dressed in a black and white fifties house wife costume, announces that Greendale will be holding a sock hop which conveniently coincides with the CDC taking the school’s water fountains. It will also be a Sadie Hawkins dance. This fact upsets Britta since it implies that women are only allowed to pick their own mate on specially designated occasions. She tells the Dean that she is going to the throw her own, competing dance. She decides she is going to throw her own dance honoring the feminist values learned from Sophie B. Hawkins. The others point out that she must have meant Susan B. Anthony, instead of the artist who sang “Damn, I wish I was your lover.”

In order to avoid Jeff saying she “Britta-ed” it, Britta maintains that she meant Sophie B. Hawkins. Both of the dances are going to be held on opposite sides of the cafeteria and everyone expects that Britta will be getting Sophie B. Hawkins to appear at her half of the cafeteria. In desperation, she asks Pierce what to do and he tells her to stick to her guns. All throughout the dance Britta is worrying about Hawkins not coming, but at the last minute she walks in through the cafeteria doors and starts singing. Pierce tells Jeff that he got her to come, because Jeff was being mean to Britta and he needed to cut her a break.

While all this was going on, Abed ended up doing the classic sitcom trope of two dates at the same time. The episode opened with Abed trying to be more mature and grow. For example, he was trying to cut down on the shenanigans and filtered his understanding of events through history instead of television.

In an effort to help, both Annie and Shirley offered to find Abed a date for the dance. Annie found him a quirky woman who tried to pay for lunch with a song and Shirley found her minister’s daughter. Abed saw an opportunity for an epic shenanigan he may never have the chance to do again, so he took it. He planned for it to be the full on sitcom shenanigans complete with multiple outfits and confusing props.

The coat check woman picks up on what he is doing immediately and starts to help him. She blows bubbles to distract the quirky woman and brought Abed a telegram for the minister’s daughter. Later in the night, they drop their lists and have a movie kiss moment, but Abed does not act on it, since they are doing a sitcom trope and it would be out of place.

Shirley and Annie figure out what he is doing and yell at him about actually hurting people. He goes to apologize to them and figures out that he actually likes Rachel, the coat check woman, and they tell him to go after her. In a movie moment, he interrupts Sophie B. Hawkins’ performance to give an Abed version of the apology speech. Rachel finds him and asks him out. She even asked if he wanted to pretend he was dating her on a bet. He refused and told her they should start out normal.

I really hope they continue with this story. Rachel and Abed were really cute together.

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